Nutrition after SCI Series

This a series of videos featuring nutritionist Joanne Smith,  B.A., BRT Dip, CNP talking about nutrition after SCI and how to combat some secondary complications with your diet.  You can view them independently, or as one 45-minute long production by clicking on the links here.

Introduction to Nutrition & SCI:



Cardiovascular Disease:

Pressure Sores:


Full 45 minute Nutrition Webinar:


Recipes for your health

Recipes for your Health

SCI Ontario and UHN Toronto Rehab Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Centre have collaborated to produce a summer nutrition series hosted at Lyndhurst Centre. In this series Joanne Smith, Holistic Nutritionist and Toronto Rehabilitation Occupational Therapists led cooking classes in the OT kitchen at Lyndhurst Centre. Each class featured a short presentation on healthy eating and preventing secondary complications of SCI, followed by cooking and eating healthy recipes. We have produced a recipe book gathering all the recipes prepared over the last five years.

Download a free copy of the recipe book