Do You Have A Funny Story to Tell?

We're looking for a laugh. Do you think you could provide one?

Everybody has one of those stories... the ones that give you an I-can't-believe-that-just-happened-to-me feeling. A story that often revolves around someone else just not getting what having a disability is all about.

THOSE are the stories we want!

We are collecting your funnies and will print the best in Outspoken magazine. If you've got one - just hit comment below and add it to this page. We are looking forward to being able to LOL!

We'll get you started with this one:

Kevin, who happens to have an SCI, was on holiday in Boston. It was a glorious day and he was enjoying taking in the sites. He stopped at a Starbucks to get a fancy coffee. Kevin then went outside to soak in some sun. He was sitting contentedly, cup in hand, watching passers-by when he heard a "plop" followed by feeling a little splash.

Someone had "kindly" flipped a quarter into his $5+ coffee - a donation for the poor guy in a wheelchair!

OK - now it is your turn... we know it is in you to give!