Regional Services

What's your goal? We are here to help you achieve it!

Regional ServicesRegional Service Coordinators (RSCs) assist clients with spinal cord injuries or other physical disabilities in the transition from acute care through rehabilitation and back to the community. The program delivers customized, client-focused solutions to people with unique needs.

Heading home from hospital or rehab and you don't know what to expect in your own community? Give our Regional Services team a call at 416-422-5644 or Toll Free at Toll Free: 1-877-422-1112 extension 330. A Regional Services Coordinator can work with you to find what you need in your community.

Regional Services Coordinators are community resource experts and navigators who assist you in accessing services where and when you need them. They are particularly skilled in the areas of adjustment to disability, caregiver support, housing, employment, funding, education, independent living, equipment, health and wellness.

Regional Service Coordinators work closely with community partners throughout the continuum of community supports and focus on client-centered goals and solutions and navigating system barriers which prevent equitable access to health services, long-term health and quality of life.

Services are available through telephone, email and in-person at our offices, in clients homes or at mutually convenient locations. Flexibility is key. Recognizing that every person and situation is unique, we encourage and support individuals to finding ways to live independently.

For further information, please contact the local office closest to you: or email or call 416-422-5644 or Toll Free at Toll Free: 1-877-422-1112 extension 330