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“Disability is not the same thing as inability” ~ Emily Comedis

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SCI Ontario Employment Services have been partnering with employers to assist with their hiring needs for 25 years in the GTA. Our goal is to connect quality employers like you with qualified, motivated candidates who can do the job. Since our placement service is funded by the provincial government, this service is provided to you free of cost.

As one of our Partnering Employers, we provide you with a sector-specific Account Manager from our team who works directly and closely with you to develop a complete understanding of your business and hiring needs. It is that thorough understanding of your workplace environment, culture, and essential skills needed for your positions - combined with an equally thorough understanding of our candidates - that allows us to ensure an informed and appropriate match between your opportunity and our reliable candidate.

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Other Services Available to Employers in the GTA

  • Disability awareness training for staff, management, and HR
  • HR Consultation, best practices
  • Worksite assessment
  • Information, consultation, and assessment related to the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act

How we help…what’s the process?

At SCI Ontario Employment Services, we recognize the importance of understanding the needs of our Partnering Employers. We pride ourselves in taking time to listen to your hiring needs and supplying solutions in the form of the right “fit” for the position and also for the organization.

In the initial meeting, our specialists will take the time to gain an understanding of your organization, the culture, workplace and the essential skill set needed for your positions. Once we have a good idea of what makes an employee successful at your company, and you have a job vacancy for us to fill, we will look at our talent pool for the best candidates and best fit.

Our specialists pre-screen all of the candidates based on the information gathered at the needs assessment, and we present our recommendations for the position. We may also contact our network agencies: The Job Opportunity Information Network (www.joininfo.ca) and the Durham Region Employment Network to expand the talent pool and candidates we can offer you.

Once hired, we at SCI Ontario are readily available to support you and the new employee if needed. Services include: any level of support or information requests, job coaching, assistance with the training process, diversity seminars (focused on disability awareness and practices) for managers, HR professionals, and peers.

Our Candidates

We work with candidates who have a variety of skills and abilities; from lawyers to customer services representatives, and culinary professionals to web designers. Our candidates are dependable, ready and able to work.

Our pre-screening process and assistance with the hiring process saves you time and money in your recruitment process.

Placing and Retaining Employees with Disabilities

You need to hire people because they have the skills and abilities to do the job. But have you heard of the additional benefits of hiring a person with a disability?

Here are just a few of the many points to consider:

  • When you ensure your business is accessible to employees with a disability, you become attractive to customers with a disability. People with disabilities have a spending power of $25 billion per year in Canada (and that doesn’t include their friends and family who may also prefer to do business with companies that are accessible to their loved ones).
  • A DuPont Corporation study found that 85 percent of its employees with disabilities rated average or above on attendance. International Telephone and Telegraph surveyed a 2,000 employee plant and found that the workers with disabilities had fewer absences than their coworkers. Workers with disabilities are not absent any more than workers without disabilities.
  • Most employees with a disability will not require an accommodation. Of those that do, the majority of associated costs will be minimal. What’s more, the Job Accommodation Network based out of West Virginia University found that accommodation for employees yields an average return for the company of $28.69 for every dollar put toward the accommodation.
  • The common concerns employers cite when discussing why they would be hesitant to hire a capable candidate who had a disability are based on myths and out-dated stigmas. Talk to us, we will tell you the truth.
  • SCI Ontario Employment Services is always just a phone call away to provide support and answer any question, big or small (free of cost!). Call Diana McCauley, at 416-422-5644 extension 250.

Cost for our services

There is no cost to you for taking advantage of our placement and ongoing support services, including job coaching.

There is a cost for some services for which we are not funded. This includes our training seminars; however, this service is offered at minimal/no cost for employers who have hired one or more of our candidates.

Cost is associated for work site assessments.

Please contact us for more information and/or cost quotes.


The candidate is placed with an employer of choice, where both the candidate and the employer grow together. The candidate learns and gains work experience, and the employer gains value and insight from the intern and is trained to the point that there is an opportunity of a hire at the end of the internship process. Normally a 3 month unpaid program (however a stipend is encouraged to cover transport).

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This program is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario