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Honour: Regard with Great Respect

We do things every day to honour other people. We wear our team’s jersey on game days. We get tattoos. We run, walk or stroll. We honour achievements by giving out awards. We honour family traditions.

Acts of honour can be big or small – sometimes it’s the little things like honouring your grandma who’s passed on by continuing to bake her chocolate chip cookie recipe. Other times it’s quietly honouring someone you respect for maintaining their integrity and continuing to live life fully in spite of the adversity they’ve faced. At Spinal Cord Injury Ontario, we see this every day.

After sustaining a spinal cord injury, we see people doing the things they love and staying true to themselves, even though life’s day-to-day circumstances may have changed. They are living honourably. We also see family members honour their loved ones with spinal cord injuries by helping them live as independently as possible.

Consider choosing one of the people below, or someone else you know, and make a donation in their honour.

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Albin Jousse Andrew Clarke John Counsell Ken Langford Kirby Rowe SCI Ontario's tribute to Bill Adair Bill Adair's testimony to honouring Ken Langford Maggie Sofia Rich Vanderwaal Richard's honour story on Anthony Salvatore Anthony Salvatore's honour story Sally Thomas Barbara Turnbull Joanne Smith Mike Mulligan Honour Story Abdi-Zeinab Aleem Syed Barb Dafoe Christine Caron Denise Elliott Jared Edwards Jesse Redden Lubna Aslam Mark Ideson Paul Britton Tom Scanlan Heather Holmes Lisa Voutt Marg Jessome Marie Bezeau Bruce Smith Joey Desjardins Clients and Volunteers Alec Denys COUNCIL FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES Debby Bothwell Dorn Roche Elizabeth Winkelaar Gary and Gayle Harley Nott Kim Demberline Kim Donaldson Madelyn Scanlan Marshall Hogan Mary Dufton Muniba Arshad Randy Maura Shaun Westlake Shirley Clark Alec Denys Larissa Gerow Nigel Gilby Rob Murphys Mom

Be a part of it all. Let us know who you honour and why. Share your story by creating:

  • A brief video
  • Photo collage or essay
  • Poem
  • Art
  • A letter (to the person you honour)
  • A written story

Send it to honour@sciontario.org or post it on social media with the hashtag #honourABLE

Message: "I honour the triumph of the human spirit" Message: "I honour all those that choose to make a difference" Message: "I honour SCI Ontario's Peer Support team..." Message: "Those get knocked down and choose to get back up"