Getting Doctors to Join Our Network

Over the last month, we have had numerous discussions with the Ontario Government regarding our Accessible Healthcare Campaign. The government is listening and working with us to achieve our goals. To view our presentation, see our last blog entry:

What we learned quite quickly in our meetings, was that we need to build the plan together with the Ontario Government. Only then will the government understand what resources we need to support our community. So where do we start?

TO START – We need to build a network of primary care doctors who are willing to join together to give and receive support, resources and advice on serving people with spinal cord injuries in the best possible way.

AT YOUR NEXT DOCTOR'S VISIT - Ask your doctor to join our network!


  1. Connect you to knowledge, expertise, and resources about SCI
  2. Link you to our SCI Mobility Clinic to access tools and physician support for your patients
  3. Provide direct consult to specialists in SCI and Researched Best Practice 
  4. Offer you the opportunity to access our ForaHealthyMe Application. 
  5. Advocate for your examining room to be fully accessible 
  6. Join us in a meeting to address gaps in support, like physician billing, with the MOHLTC. 
  7. Regular updates on the progress we are making in creating supports for SCI and other physical disabilities under the Patience First Act
  8. A member of the Spinal Cord Injury Ontario community

EMAIL - We will get this process started with you!

If you don’t have a primary care doctor OR if your doctor’s office is NOT wheelchair accessible (and your doctor is willing to make it accessible) we can help with these issues, too. 

Once we build a network of local primary care doctors willing to serve our community, we then can work together to ensured that everyone in our community is better served.

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