Spinal Cord Injury Ontario’s Marketplace Terms & Conditions 

Spinal Cord Injury Ontario (SCIO) is pleased to provide this online portal (“Marketplace”) for community members across Ontario to buy, sell and share items that may be of interest to people living with spinal cord injury or other disabilities. 

We have a few terms and conditions that Marketplace account holders agree to comply with. These are: 

  • Account holders agree to uphold provincial laws when creating and responding to posts, without illegal or inappropriate behaviour, including false or misleading information, profane or discriminatory language, and the use of harmful digital material.
  • Account holders who post items for sale or share must provide a contact method for potential buyers (e.g., email or phone number).
  • SCIO is not responsible for the condition of the seller’s posted items, nor for any aspect of the financial arrangements between the buyer and seller.
  • SCIO upholds privacy laws for account holders and will not share or release personal information used to create accounts.
  • SCIO retains the right to disable posts that do not comply with the above.