Why creating a Marketplace account is beneficial:


  1. In order to submit an advertisement for an item you’d like to sell, donate or want, you need to create a Marketplace account.
  2. Once your account is created you get access to your personal dashboard where you can add, delete or edit ads, receive messages from potential buyers and update your profile details.


  1. Once you create your account you now have access to the Marketplace messaging system. If you have questions about an item and choose not to call, the internal message system is a great way to communicate with sellers.
  2. The personal dashboard also allows you to update your profile details.

Create your Marketplace account

  1. Click on either the Login icon or “Submit an Ad” button on the top menu bar on any Marketplace page.
  2. A login window will appear, select “Don’t have an account? Create one here.”
  3. Input your personal details. Be sure to include an accurate email address that you have access to.
  4. Click on the “REGISTER” button. Once submitted, you’ll receive a message to check the email you provided for a confirmation message.
  5. Please allow a few minutes to receive your confirmation message. Once received, click on the “CONFIRM EMAIL” button.
  6. You will then be redirected to the Marketplace homepage. You’ll now need to login again.
  7. Click on either the Login icon or “Submit an Ad” button and enter your newly created credentials.
  8. Success! You now have a SCIO Marketplace account!

Find more tutorials here, including details about posting an ad, communicating with sellers/buyers and how to manage your personal dashboard.

Select either of these buttons to get started.
Fill in your personal details.
Confirm your registration.
Click wither button to login.
Input your personal details. Success!