**Please note that unit for sale is leg unit only (no arm/upperbody).

MOTOmed viva2 lightMovement therapy in a nutshell

The MOTOmed viva2 light offers high quality standard functions for a safe movement with paralysis or spasticity. The MOTOmed viva2 light contains the basic device functions, adjustments and training feedback.

Besides as leg trainer, the MOTOmed viva2 light is also available as leg- and arm/ upper body trainer. The MOTOmed arm-/upper body trainer can be swiveled in and out of the training area. The arm/upper body training strengthens the arm, upper body and shoulder muscles and reinforces the auxiliary respiratory muscles.


  • Basic configuration
  • Technical data
  • Leg trainer (Optional: arm/upper body trainer)
  • safety foot shells
  • pedal radius adjustment, double-stage (7.0 cm or 12.5 cm)
  • handlebar
  • mobile with big castors (13 cm diameter)
  • all-metal construction, premium and stable
  • additional stability by telescopic front stand
  • MOTOmed SmoothDriveSystem with a gentle startup and rundown
  • MovementProtector & SpasmControl
  • speed regulation from 0 to 60 rpm (passive)
  • regulation of motor power from 1 to 10
  • preset a therapy duration from 0 to 120 minutes
  • automatic device self test
  • big, user-friendly operating panel
  • language selection between 27 different languages