The Domino Effect


My story is a little different than most, I think. A drunk driver injured me in 1993. The injuries were not really significant at the time. I did hurt my lower back but learned how to deal with it.

In 2009 is completely went, though I could walk very little it was even harder to sit or go to the bathroom. So down to Toronto I go to see the neurosurgeon. No big deal he says I fix hundreds of these injuries a year. Day surgery.

I left that hospital nearly 2 months later and now live with life threatening problems. Oh I can still walk but not far and not long, and that's the least of my problems. The Dr. mistakenly severed my large artery during the back surgery. But didn't notice until I crashed.

But they did nothing about it, thought it was just a glitch, until I woke and told them there was something very, very wrong. They gave me more drugs to knock me out. I screamed for my husband, as I knew he do something but they refused to call him. (Sound like a horror movie doesn't it). I died 3 times that day before my husband got there; they called Him 10 minutes before he was do back to pick me up. That was nearly 7 hours later.

When he got there with our 5 year old daughter they told them to come say good-bye. When he saw me. My belly was extended to the size of being 10 months pregnant. (I am not a very large person to begin with). He freaked and with in 10 minutes they rushed me back to surgery. They had to patch my artery that was 76% severed and remove all my organs and bowels that were now crushed from the blood, and oh the pumped 3 full transfusions into me. I was than placed on life support for the next few weeks and there's more but we still battle with it everyday. I died more that 10 times during all this had an amorism, blood clot in my good leg, and pulmonary embolism.

I'm having problems with this horrible pressure and radiant pain going right up my spinal cord but they said they're not going to do anymore or anything about it. Not even to find out what it is. So maybe someone else has this and knows what it is??

My Husband has been looking after everything and in my eyes; he's a true HERO!!

We have 6 children, 2 were in University with top honours, they are graduating this year, 1 finished with honours a teenager with disabilities and we adopted the little girl that was with Daddy that day and after I finally got home my Mommy died.We took in the half sister of our adopted daughter and will fully adopt her too, if we can afford it some day.

Sounds like a fiction novel but believe it or not, I am incredibly thankful for life, love and family. Why am I still here? No medical reasoning, I should be dead.

My answer to that is, LOVE, love of my family as we are and still are very close knit. We had a good business and a good savings and he bought me a new Tahoe for my birthday.  It is gone, gone, gone, just because a surgeon got cocky and careless. We live in a very small community and hours away from Hospitals that can help me, but we can't get there.

But he can't take away our love of each other. Our 3 old children live in Ottawa, that's where we were moving to before this happened and come,"hell nor high water"; we will still pull our family back together.

My message to people, never give up hope, Never, Follow your own instincts.

God Bless