About Us

Back view of wheelchair user

Welcome to Spinal Cord Injury Ontario. We are a Canadian charitable organization of and for people with a spinal cord injury. We deliver life-long support for our clients from the time of their injury, understanding that everyone’s experience is unique and personal.

The very essence of our work is peer support. Since 1945, our staff and volunteers have shared their insights and experiences with others who have sustained an injury or their family members, demonstrating the resilience and determination that comes from living with a spinal cord injury.

Our Vision is simple: people with a spinal cord injury living the life they chose in a fully inclusive Ontario.

Our Mission is to deliver and champion excellence in service, support and advocacy for people with a spinal cord injury.

Spinal Cord Injury Ontario (SCI Ontario) was formerly known as Canadian Paraplegic Association Ontario (CPA Ontario) before November, 2012.

SCI Ontario has a fascinating history. The growth and expansion of our organization reflect changes in policy, health care and social attitudes toward disability issues. To get to know our history briefly, please visit SCI Ontario Milestones.

SCI Ontario has 16 offices across the province. We provide consistent, holistic, individualized and quality assured programs and services including: Peer Support, Regional Services, Membership, Advocacy, Knowledge Enterprise, Public Policy, The SCI Solutions Alliance, Employment Services (in the GTA), and Attendant Services (in the GTA).

Please feel free to contact our offices if you feel you would benefit from our services by linking to: Local SCI Ontario Offices

For a list of our Board of Directors, please refer to: Board of Directors


Annual ReportsCheck out our most recent Outspoken! magazine for great insights about our community, and our most recent Annual Report for all the facts and figures about SCI Ontario, and all the ways our community helps bring our mission to life. See also our past Annual Reports.


We invite you to learn more about SCI Ontario, reach out for support or services, advocate for increased accessibility through our election campaign or make a donation in support of our important work. However you choose to get involved, we welcome you!

PS Stay tuned for our new website, coming this spring!