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Managing Hospital Discharge Barriers

A special panel discussion took place at the Back to School Conference. This discussion featured commentary from:

  • Martha Binstock, B.Sc.P.T., MCPA, CLCP
  • Maggie Didiano, BA (Hons.), Rehab Cert., SCI Ontario
  • Heather Flett, BA, BSc., MSc
  • Helena Griner, Lyndhurst Centre Client
  • Leonard Kunka, Partner - Thomson, Rogers
  • Blair Williams, Lyndhurst Centre Client

This discussion included commentary on the following points:


The Birds & The Bees – Sexuality & Spinal Cord Injury

Rich Vander Wal, B.R.L.S., TR, made a special presentation at the Back to School Conference.

Rich’s presentation provides a detailed look at how sexuality can be affected by a spinal cord injury. This presentation offers information advice and resources for the spinal cord injured community.

For a PDF version of Rich Vander Wal's presentation please go to:

Accessibility Strategies for People with Spinal Cord Injuries in Primary Care

Dr. Mary Ann McColl, PhD, MTS, made a special presentation at the Back to School Conference.

Dr. McColl’s Presentation objectives are as follows:

  • Increase awareness of primary care
  • Explore barriers to effective utilization of primary care
  • Discuss research initiatives & opportunities to optimize access to primary care for people with SCI

For a PDF version of Dr. Mary Ann McColl's presentation please go to: