Stories about People with Spinal Cord Injuries

Included on this page are personal stories about people like you and me, whose lives have been affected by a spinal cord injury.

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Hangpilot is:

I live in Houston, Texas USA. I am not a CPI person, but do suffer from all the text book complications associated with Diabetes. PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOURS, IF THIS IS IN YOUR LIFE. I am o dialysis (kidney failure), lost both legs due to amputations along with 7 of 10 fingers and 80% of my vision. 

I used to be very active outdoors, camping, boating, flying Hang Gliders for 35  years and Ultralight aircraft. All that changed in 2010, but my spirit and  attitude is good and I'm digging out. My personal quote below.....Hangpilot


The Story of Dave Harrison

Dave Harrison has been a Peer Support Volunteer for the past six years. In the summer of 1987, Dave was involved in a very serious motor vehicle accident and he severely damaged his spinal cord at T 8, leaving him paralyzed from his waist down among other injuries. This dramatically changed his life in ways he couldn't have imagined. Going through rehabilitation was probably one of the toughest challenges he had in life but a challenge he had to endure if he wanted to live as independently as possible.


The Domino Effect


My story is a little different than most, I think. A drunk driver injured me in 1993. The injuries were not really significant at the time. I did hurt my lower back but learned how to deal with it.

In 2009 is completely went, though I could walk very little it was even harder to sit or go to the bathroom. So down to Toronto I go to see the neurosurgeon. No big deal he says I fix hundreds of these injuries a year. Day surgery.


Kevin Rempel's Story

As we begin our Holiday Season, I reflect back on the years and the individuals who I have met in my journeys as Executive Director of the Canadian Paraplegic Association (CPA) Ontario.

There is one young man who truly inspired me. I would like to share his journey with you.

We all experience adversities and challenges in our lives. Kevin is no exception. The difference however is what Kevin has done to overcome the adversities he has faced.

Meet Veteran Steve Daniel

Growing up in Sudbury, Steve Daniel joined the Canadian Forces when he was a teenager. With 14 years in the Royal Canadian Regiment 1st and 3rd Battalion, Sergeant Daniel served four tours of duty in Croatia, Bosnia and Afghanistan.

As a Parachute Instructor in airborne operations, he had 101 free fall jumps under his belt.

On his 102nd jump, something went wrong. Gaining speed far too quickly on landing, and unable to slow his descent, Sgt Daniel landed on his tailbone, fracturing his T-11 vertebrae, paralyzing him from the waist down.

Doug's Story

Doug Smith is a true example of inspiration and extraordinary belief in the human mind and spirit. Playing professional hockey in the NHL for nearly a decade, overcoming the adversity of a sports related broken neck and spinal cord injury and growing a manufacturing company are just some of the life experiences that have moulded Doug’s unique and captivating perspective and vision.