100% wool, fleece-lined slipper sock

As a Canada-based volunteer for non-profit NGO, Mountain Village Development Board, working to alleviate poverty in the mountainous and hilly regions of Bajhang District, far west Nepal, I have...

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5 Minute Meditation

Enjoy a 5-minute meditation at your computer. View meditative images and positive messages. Adjust your speakers so you can hear the soothing music. Let go of time.

A Case Study of a Community-University Multidisciplinary Partnership Approach to Increasing Physical Activity Participation Among People with Spinal Cord Injury.

Over the past decade, increasing emphasis has been placed on the importance of health behavior change research being conducted in partnership with the beneficiaries of the intended research outcomes...

A Discussion of Safety Training for Caregivers of People with Spinal Cord Impairment

Article examines a number of Organizational Behavior Management techniques that can address patient safety in the home and ultimately decrease readmittance

A health lifestyle: does it make a difference?

This aritcle discusses and supports a healthy lifestyle for people with spinal cord injury and cancer

A Labor of Love

Article discusses the potential problems and solutions of stress, emotional challenges, burnout and role overload, family relationships and caregiver health

A Motion - Membership Benefit Provider

At A-Motion, our goal is to help you live and work not only more safely, but more comfortably in your environment – regardless of your accessibility needs.

A Provider’s Guide for the Care of Women with Physical Disabilities and Other Chronic Medical Conditions

This guide is designed for clinicians to improve knowledge and practice in providing care to women with physical disabilities and chronic medical conditions

A Study on the Impact of Independent Living Resource Centres in Canada

This is the results of a two-year study on the impact of Independent Living Centres in Canada (ILRCs)

A1 Medical Supplies, offers many different kinds of medical supplies and durable medical equipment, including mobility scooter and electric wheelchair vehicle lifts.

Aartech Canada

Retail Distributors for X10, X10 Pro, Smarthome, Leviton, D-Link, WGL & Associates, Elk Products and other manufacturers.

Aartech Canada - home automation

AAR Tech Canada offers a variety of home automation products, security and alarm products, thermostats control, tools and equipment, and books.

Abilities Arts Festival - a celebration of disability arts and culture

Abilities Arts Festival is a disability arts organization that promotes diversity, inclusiveness and the power of art as a means of enriching the cultural fabric of our communities.

Abilities Festival

Abilities Festival is a disability arts organization that promotes diversity, inclusiveness and the power of art as a means of enriching the cultural fabric of our communities.

Ability Online

Ability Online is a free monitored online community for friendship, support and skill development opportunities for youth with disabilities/chronic illness, their friends and family.  Online...

Ability Society

The Ability Society of Alberta (ASA) provides quality asset-based services for persons of all ages that are vulnerable or have special needs in the areas of assistive technology, early childhood...

AbilityHub - Assistive Technology Solutions's purpose is to help you find information on adaptive equipment and alternative methods available for accessing computers.

Able Data  

Able Net