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VoicePrint is a division of The National Broadcast Reading Service, a registered charity. VoicePrint serves all Canadians, but particularly the millions of us who can't independently access printed materials.

It’s a ritual that takes place millions of times a day — one that most people take for granted. A cup of coffee or tea is poured. The newspaper is picked up. And an individual begins to flip through the printed pages, immersing him or her self in the latest local, regional and national news.

But what about the 5 million Canadians who can’t independently access newspapers, magazines or even a government document due to, for example, low literacy skills, blindness, vision restriction, physical or learning disability or just getting older?

Where can they find more in-depth news and information than that offered by the major TV and radio broadcasters?

The answer: VoicePrint, the non-profit broadcast service which first went on the air in 1990 after being licensed by the CRTC. They deliver a steady and timely flow of information that is essential to the decision-making needs of our audience. To that end, VoicePrint broadcasts readings of full-text articles 24/7 from more than 600 of Canada’s top newspapers and magazines into 10 million homes.

Since 1990, VoicePrint has broadcast more news and information programming than all other Canadian television stations combined, excluding CBC Newsworld.

1090 Don Mills Rd. Suite 303, Toronto, ON, M3C 3R6

tel: 1-800-567-6755 (Toll Free); (416) 422-4222

fax: (416) 422-1633

E-mail Address: info@nbrscanada.com