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All Parties Call for Response - Elections Ontario

The ONTARIO SPINAL CORD INJURY (SCI) SOLUTIONS ALLIANCE is a network of key SCI stakeholders from 70+ organizations including people with SCI, researchers, service providers, physicians, and funders from across Ontario that spans the continuum of care from injury onset through to community reintegration. The Alliance addresses systemic barriers and facilitates the implementation of best practices and customized solutions to minimize disability and maximize the quality of life for Ontarians with physical disabilities.

We are supported by the Canadian Paraplegic Association Ontario and the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation.

We believe that Ontarians with physical disabilities deserve the opportunity to thrive in their communities and receive the supports they require to do so much like their able-bodied counterparts.

Spinal cord injuries cost the Ontario Government $1.38 billion annually. Roughly half this economic burden relates to direct medical costs for acute, rehabilitation, emergency, primary, mental health and long-term care. (Krueger, Hans. The Economic Burden of SCI in Canada. Report commissioned by the Rick Hansen Institute. June 2010)

Enhanced community outreach attendant services and primary care options are crucial. By keeping people out of emergency rooms and hospitals, expensive Alternate Level of Care designations and Long-Term Care placements are greatly reduced.

Change, We Can Afford:
1) Invest $16 million immediately into Attendant Services programs, as proposed by the Ontario Community Support Association (OCSA). This will have a profound impact on the health of Ontarians who use them, and produce substantial savings overall: a 50% reduction in waitlists across all LHINs.

2) Legislate and provide funding for the provision of accessible examining tables and hydraulic (Hoyer) lifts for half of all Family Health Teams in Ontario, ensuring broad regional distribution.


We are pleased to provide further information as required.

Please note that we will share your responses to our organizational members, who will in turn share with their broader memberships prior to the General Election on October 6th.

If no response is received on your behalf by September 28, 2011 we will conclude that these investments for Ontarians with disabilities are not priorities for your party at this time.


Michael Johnson
Executive Director
Ontario SCI Solutions Alliance

601 – 90 Eglinton Avenue East
Toronto, ON, M4P 2Y3
P: (416 422-2228
F: (416) 422-1240