Ceiling Lift - Transactive by Waverly Glen (Scarborough)

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Ceiling Lift - Transactive by Waverly Glen (Scarborough)

$800 per unit - contact MikeandAnita7@sympatico.ca

* 3 complete units available, perfect for transfers in the bedroom, bathroom and garage - price is per unit

* These units work fine and are approx 5-7 yrs old.

The "Transactive" is an overhead transfer lift designed for use with individuals with mobility disabilities. The Transactive will lift up to a maximum of 425 lbs. (193 kg). This permanently installed lift is used in conjunction with the included 8 ft long powder-coated aluminum overhead track. Standard features whisper quiet operation, soft start and stops, an eight foot vertical reach, an over-speed safety governor, a push-button emergency lowering system, built-in safety stops, and a pneumatic non-electric hand control designed for use in wet or humid environments. The unit has a powered lift and a choice of manual or powered traversing is available.

POWER: Uses a 24-volt direct current motor and rechargable battery with a fast recharge cycle. The unit has an audible and visual low battery alarm and automatic battery conservation.

Includes the lifting bar and it also comes with a large, launderable, quick-drying "Hygiene Sling" designed for toileting and hygiene functions. Access is unrestricted making this sling ideal for independent transfers and toileting.