Frequently Asked Questions - Knowledge is Power

Want to know more about community programs? Want to read up on the latest SCI breakthroughs? Or maybe you’re just trying to get your hands on a decent beach wheelchair so you can soak up the sun? Whether you want to learn more about resources, research, or rest and relaxation, information is empowering. Here are some ideas for getting the goods:

This can be a valuable and convenient source of news and resources. But keep in mind that not all Internet info is accurate. Before you believe everything you read, check to make sure the website has been produced by a reputable organization, government or school.

Many Canadian disability organizations publish newsletters or magazines, often mailed to members or posted freely on websites. Sign up for the latest scoop. You can sign up for E-Spoken, CPA Ontario E-newsletter on the left hand side of our home page or check out our quartlerly publication, Outspoken.

Talk to friends and colleagues who have disabilities. Their tips and advice come from real-life experiences. You can’t beat that!

Several major cities across Canada, including Toronto, host annual shows where you can find out about new products, try out equipment and test new technologies.

Time to rediscover your local library. Browse through disability resource guides for ideas and information. Even autobiographies by people living with disabilities can provide inspiration.

Many disability groups across Ontario offer seminars and conferences on topics that may interest and benefit you. Often they’re free of charge or come with the cost of membership. Check out CPA Ontario's membership benefits.